Impact Staffing Group has over 20 years’ experience putting people to work.  We will help you make the best use of your talents and abilities.  We invest time in getting to know you.  We assist in defining your skill sets by learning about your experiences and understanding your ambitions.  We strive to refer candidates to jobs that are tailored specifically for them.

Job searching is always stressful.  Whether you are a new graduate trying to enter the job market for the first time, re-entering the work world after a long absence, or a top level executive accustomed to being pursued by numerous companies, the story is always the same…more qualified applicants for fewer positions.

It is a poorly kept secret that the best jobs are rarely advertised. We have the inside track and the respect of the hiring companies.  They count on us to bring them the best candidates and in turn we will negotiate the best compensation package.

At Impact Staffing Group, we work for our candidates with as much enthusiasm as we work for our clients.  The better you look, the better we look.  So count on us to work with you on your resume to make sure it best highlights your qualifications.  We frequently work with candidates on interview prep and will provide you with details about the company and the position so that you go in fully prepared.  Finally, when the job offer comes, we will negotiate the very best package for you.

Our services offered to prospective candidates include the following:

  • Resume critiques, tips, and revisions
  • Extensive help with interview preparations; providing interview tips, job description analysis, overview of client history and culture, and salary negotiations
  • Resources for technical training
  • Identifying job to market analysis for salary guidance
  • Networking resources
  • Executive coaching
  • Benefits review

In order for us to get to know you, and the kind of position desired, please complete the first step.

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