How to Turn Temp to Hire Into a Full-Time Job

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You landed on your feet when you took on your latest temping job. You’ve become good friends with your colleagues, have a great boss and find the work really rewarding. What’s not to like? 

The difficulty is that it may all come to an end very soon. So what can you do to turn your temp to hire position into a permanent one? Here’s how to boost your chances of making that happen.

Talk to Your Boss

You already have a foot in the door. The first step to securing a lasting contract is informing your employer that you’d love to carry on working for them.

It could be that you’ll still have to be interviewed for any more permanent role. Make sure you’re well prepared for any interviews in advance.

Being a person who’s easy to manage and who’s happy at work will increase your chances. That includes following the dress code, and always getting to work on time. 

Treat the job you’re doing as though it already is a permanent one. Demonstrate that you’re always willing to go above and beyond what’s required. 

Make Yourself Invaluable

Your employer will be looking for someone who’s eager to learn and who learns quickly. Knowledge is power.

The more tasks you’re able to perform the better. It not only shows you care but also gives you a higher value as an employee. It will add to your long list of achievements when it comes to writing your resume in the future.

Show Initiative

Always be watching out for any extras you can do at work. If you complete your daily tasks earlier than expected then volunteer for anything else that might need doing. 

You should always check with the person you report to if there’s anything further that needs doing before you leave for the day.

Become a Team Player

Engage with your co-workers and get to know them. It’s really important to build up relationships and get on with those you have to work with. As a team, you’ll need to be able to trust each other. 

If your colleagues are on your side then you’ve already increased your chances of staying on more permanently. If they can see you’re a great team player, they’ll want you to stay and will convey that to the person who hires.

Make Yourself Available

Sometimes overtime can come at the worst moments. You may already have made plans before being asked to stay on later. It’s annoying but you’ll need to be able to demonstrate commitment by putting your job first. 

If your employer gets the sense that you’re not keen on putting in extra hours then it will count against you. 

From Temp to Hire to a Staff Position

There are lots of benefits that come with temp to hire work. It can give you a sense of freedom and flexibility. Occasionally you’ll stumble across a position you want to keep. Follow our tips and you’ll be well on your way to securing your dream job. 

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